I run an early stage software-focused venture capital fund and think a lot about business models, metrics, unit economics, valuation and company building.

My background is in mechanical engineering at Stanford and investment banking at Morgan Stanley. I then joined NEA working on early stage software investments as part of the core team investing NEA's $2.5Bn+ funds 14, 15 and 16. While there I became an expert in the SaaS business model and spent significant time with the portfolio companies on key strategic operational initiatives. After moving to Israel in 2016, I worked for a year at GE ventures locally before branching off on my own - advising great companies like Monday.com, Rossum, Demisto, IonQ and Causal. I saw a major need for the strategic finance skillset that I had developed, especially in early stage companies, where it is often hardest to connect the day-to-day operational issues with fundamental financial principles.

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Finance geek, engineer, software seed investor. Former @NEA @MorganStanley @Monday @Stanford