Mean, Median & Mode

December 2022

How to be Wrong

November 2022

Overpaying Versus Paying Ahead

September 2022

Finding accuracy in a world of low precision
Forecasting for Uncertainty with Causal

August 2022

Understanding the Fundamentals of Valuation

March 2022

or how should they be…

August 2021

With so many ways to enter a market, it can be hard to choose the right approach(es)

February 2021

Getting the best out of Accounting, Cash and Operating Metrics
This is a continuation of my earlier post, The Purpose of Business Modeling, and is meant to illustrate the FP&A process at a high level. Start with…

January 2021

Start with the Unit, then figure out the Economics (and then Grow)

November 2020

Business Modeling vs. Budgeting vs. Forecasting vs. Accounting